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Are you considering an undergraduate degree in fashion merchandising or fashion marketing?

Get involved with the fashion industryFashion merchandising combines the resourcefulness, good judgment and retail know-how of the shrewd businessperson with the creativity of the designer. A career in fashion merchandising means a management role in the ever-changing world of fashion, working for major apparel design firms, manufacturers, distributors or retailers.

Professionals within the multi-billion dollar fashion industry work on:

• Anticipating consumer preferences and predicting styles and trends
• Buying merchandise, ensuring that goods are in stock
• Handling communication and marketing needs

Fashion marketing takes the latest fashion trends and promotes them to a target audience. It combines advertising and promotional skills with a keen sense of fashion trends. Candidates for fashion marketing positions must possess a firm command of the fashion business along with the ability to evaluate the needs of the target market.

A career in fashion marketing requires knowledge of media placement, advertising techniques, marketing strategies, consumer motivation and popular culture.

Degrees and courses in fashion merchandising or marketing
An undergraduate degree in fashion merchandising or marketing can put you on a fast track for an entry-level position with a high fashion manufacturer or retailer. Prospective designers who anticipate running their own business or retail outlet sometimes combine an undergraduate degree in fashion design with coursework in fashion merchandising, fashion marketing or business.

Undergraduate degree courses in fashion merchandising and fashion marketing cover the basics of textile and apparel design, CAD, fashion history and the fundamentals of the fashion industry. Specialized classes may focus on these advanced areas:

• Fashion merchandising strategies
• Merchandising trend analysis
• Management skills
• Business application technologies
• Multi-channel retailing
• Consumer behavior and motivation
• Marketing, advertising and promotion

Plan on spending at least 18 months in pursuit of an associate's degree. A bachelor's degree program, grounded in liberal arts education, with concentration in merchandising and business administration, is recommended.

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School Up Close:

The Fashion Institute of Technology is a college of fashion-related art, design, business, and technology. Its campus is located in Manhattan.

Some of the areas students may study include accessories, advertising, fabrics, illustration, jewelry, menswear, packaging, photography, textiles and surfaces, cosmetics and fragrances, entrepreneurship, merchandising management, home products development, international trade and marketing, production management and more.
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